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Wind Turbine Design

Project Approach

Whether you are interested in entering the wind market or you are looking to expand your existing machine portfolio, Nextwind can help you achieve your goals. We offer turnkey licenses of standard designs or custom development, as well as services to help you with specific parts of your own development effort.

At Nextwind we believe in customizing each project to best utilize our customer’s strengths.  Therefore there is no one-size-fits-all license and we strive to tailor each project for mutual benefit.  We also view a license arrangement as a long term relationship, in which all parties profit through cooperation and open discussion.  The advantages of a Nextwind license include lower total development costs, shorter time to market (1 to 2 years advantage), and lower technical and schedule risk.  Nextwind supports the project through all phases including supply chain, prototype assembly and test, type certification, and production start-up.

Turn-Key Approach: For customers with limited engineering resources and know-how, Nextwind can provide a turnkey manufacturing and assembly package.  Nextwind delivers the design documentation at pre-defined milestones, and clients’ engineers are offered training on the technology. The license fee is divided and a percentage is due with each milestone.  Nextwind offers regional exclusivity for the license, retaining the rights for selling the same or similar designs in other markets.

Collaborative Design Approach: For customers with in house engineering resources, Nextwind offers a collaborative approach.  With this approach, client’s engineers are integrated into the design process from the beginning.  In this way, client’s engineers will have first-hand understanding of the design decisions, component integration, and design customization.  Client will also gain greater insight and control over project progress.