Fleet Support

Making the most of your Investment

If you are a wind park owner, investor, O&M service provider, or insurer, we can help you maximize the performance of the park and minimize the technical risk.

Nextwind is your independent engineer.  Use our experience to ensure the long term success of your wind power plant.  We can clarify the technical issues so you can focus your resources where they can bring you the most return.

Project Development
-         Analysis of wind resource
-         Supplier selection and qualification
-         Wind farm control and monitoring system design
-         Grid integration
-        Project technical risk assessment
-        Commissioning
-        Technical training
-        Project certification support

Asset Management
-        Remote control and data collection (“SCADA”)
-        Condition monitoring (CMS)
-        Performance Optimization

Risk Assessment
-        Identification of potential problems based on broad experience
-        Quantification of risk using statistical analysis including FMEA
-        SOLUTIONS to mitigate and minimize the risks and maximize project success

Root Cause Analysis
-        Review of SCADA and maintenance records
-        Recommendation for upgrades or procedure changes
-        Testing and validation of solution
-        Design of upgrades and retrofits
-        Validation of upgrades
-        Development of repair procedures

-        Selection and set up of SCADA
-        Real time monitoring
-        Trending and analysis of data
-        Verification of warrantied availability and power performance
-        Identification of serial defects

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