Athena 2.5 MW

The Athena mid speed turbine architecture blends and optimizes the benefits of improved reliability by eliminating the third stage of the gearbox, with a lower tower top weight and up-front cost.  The Athena is recommended for a manufacturer who wants a weight and cost optimized design.

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Technical Specifications:
Rated Power (MW): 2.5
Rotor Diameter (m): 85 – 95
Type Classes I – III
Generator: Permanent Magnet
Speed Range (RPM): 0-16
Grid Voltage: 690 Volts AC
Grid Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hertz
Gearbox: Planetary
Quantity of Stages: 2
Converter: Full Power Conversion
Tower: Conical, Tubular
Tower Height (m): 80
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