Wind Turbine Licensing Video

The Turbine Families for License

Isis: The direct drive architecture improves life cycle cost and return on investment by eliminating the number-one contributing component to maintenance costs: the gearbox.  The Isis is a great choice for the customer who wants a simple elegant design with minimal service costs.

Athena: The mid speed turbine architecture blends and optimizes the benefits of improved reliability by eliminating the third stage of the gearbox, with a lower tower top weight and up-front cost.  The Athena is recommended for a manufacturer who wants a weight and cost optimized design.

Kali: The distributed high speed turbine is based on the architecture with the longest track record and best understood technical pros and cons.  The Kali uses a robust variation of this drivetrain which is based on designs with 20 year + running gearboxes.  This architecture is suited for successful market entry anywhere in the world with the lowest upfront cost and risk.

All Nextwind license designs are up wind three bladed variable speed wind turbines, with active yaw and full span independent electric pitch.  A full converter provides top of the line grid integration features.  Comprehensive lightning protection and ruggedized mechanical and electronic components result in high reliability and low service costs.

All Nextwind design projects incorporate advanced features to enhance performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction, including:

Pre-qualified Suppliers – All of the Nextwind component suppliers are leaders in their field and have extensive wind turbine experience.  This ensures suitability of design, long life, good service support, and supplier accountability.

Safety – Safety is a primary concern where people will be working.  Mechanical guards, emergency stops, and physical lockouts are simple and cost effective protections.  Extras such as arc protection enhance personal safety.  Design practices such as risk analysis, design for service, and testing are organically integrated into the turbine concepts and work together with good maintenance practices to create a safe work space.

Remote Access – Intelligent fleet management is integral to making the most of the owner’s investment.  All Nextwind turbines are equipped with the communication and data access tools to efficiently overview and analyze the fleet’s operation and performance.

Innovation vs. Risk Mitigation – While Nextwind designs incorporate unique operational strategies and design details to optimize performance, we avoid high risk new concepts in the standard designs. Nextwind has several cutting edge and novel innovations under development which may be appropriate for certain customers who are interested in longer range co-development of new concepts and field validation prior to production release.

Grid Support – meeting or exceeding all grid codes including the most stringent requirements for reactive power support and grid fault ride through in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Power system with highest power output, especially effective in low and medium wind sites.

Safety system to protect your investment and personnel.

Excellent remote control and diagnostic capabilities for all systems to ensure minimum technician time on site and minimum down time. Data storage and visualization to aid root cause analysis and enable fleet management.

Condition monitoring for preventative maintenance.

Nextwind ensures your success by sticking with you through the entire process.

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