Design Services

Nextwind provides a full range of technology services for wind turbine manufacturers. We are committed to bringing our years of experience to bear on your project to ensure your success.

Loads Simulation

Load specification and simulation for IEC wind classes, ready for certification; Simulation Using Bladed and FLEX

Control Strategy

Control Algorithm development, tuning and optimization; Prototype tuning; Simulation using Bladed, FLAX, Matlab

Component Design

Requirements definition and concept design; Tradeoff studies; Purchase specifications; 3-D Modeling and Manufacturing drawings using Pro-E and Solid-Works

Finite Element Analysis

FEA for strength assessment and optimization using Abaqus, Nastran, and Ansys

Certification Assistance

Creation or completion of certification submittal documents, interface with certification agency, design modifications as required for compliance.  Use our understanding of the requirements to make your certification process quicker and easier.

Site Assessment

Wind Resource Assement, Annual Energy production calculations, Site layout

Supplier Qualification

Authoring purchase specifications; Evaluation of supplier’s experience and track record, technical capability, global parts and service supply reach, and delivery capacity.

Design Upgrades and Cost Out

Identifying weaknesses or waste in an existing design and making improvements at the component or system level.  Design upgrades are based on reliability, up-front cost, and service requirements.

Root Cause Analysis

Thorough and scientific analysis of single or serial failures leading to identification of specific issues in design or procedure which need to be changed in order to achieve higher reliability.

System Integration

Design Integration of new sub-system concepts or off the shelf components from new suppliers.  Change impact analysis, design changes to interfacing components, and updates to production and service documentation.


Creation, updates, and translation of technical and business documentation: Documents for Certification; Turbine Description; Sales Literature; Scope of Work; Component Specifications; 3-D Models Manufacturing Drawings; Bill of Materials; Assembly and Erection Procedures; Operation and Maintenance Manuals; Project Plans; Test Program Procedures

Power Performance Improvements

Using fleet maintenance and performance records to identify causes of down time or reduced output; Improving turbine and balance of system design to maximize power output and improve overall cost of energy (COE).

Grid Compliance

Design of power system to meet the strictest grid codes in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Design Services