Nextwind has experience with technology development, prototyping, type certification, series manufacture, and field fleet support of a wide range of wind turbine technologies. Nextwind projects have included geared and direct drive, on-shore and off-shore, distributed and integrated drive-trains.

Gaia Offshore Wind Turbine

Gaia Project Ultra-Large offshore
Development of barrier-breaking concepts for ultra-large off-shore wind turbine rotor, drivetrain, foundation, and structure. Assembly of multidisciplinary strategic partners and project management.

6MW Offshore wind turbine

Offshore 6MW Direct Drive for China
Turbine power system and control strategy development for a 6MW direct drive turbine, scheduled for prototype deployment in China in 2013. Innovative medium voltage configuration for maximum energy capture and lifetime cost optimization.

Isis 3MW Direct Drive Wind Turbine

3MW Direct Drive for the United States
Turn-key custom design based on proprietary generator technology. Start-up company raised private investment capital and wind turbine is in design phase. Advanced control concepts; supplier qualification; training of personnel.

Permanent magnet Generator the Switch

Offshore 5MW Geared Turbine for China
High level strategic planning, turbine configuration and systems integration advice for a 5MW offshore design scheduled for prototype deployment in China in 2012. Tradeoff of drivetrain, power system, and control concepts.

Kali 500kW wind turbine

Isis, Athena, and Kali
Independent Nextwind designs created specifically for licensing. Designed to the highest standards of reliability, safety, grid integration and compliance with certification standards.


Innovative Windpower AG 1.25 MW
Complete design including certification co-developed with customer’s engineers, concurrent with training customer’s engineers. Existing energy company expanded in to wind market in Germany. Prototype erected in December 2009.


Powerwind (Formerly Conergy Wind) 900kW
Complete design including certification co-developed with customer’s engineers, concurrent with training. Existing European renewable energy company expanded into wind industry. Prototype commissioned 2007 and in serial production.


Clipper 2.5MW
Consulting on the assembly of the Liberty prototype, preparation of O&M manuals, commissioning of fiber optic load sensing system in prototype rotor which was later installed in over 1200 production blades.


Adaption of design from 50Hz to 60Hz, US standards, extreme climate, including prototype testing and type certification. Design upgrades deployed across the fleet and incorporated for new production (several thousand to date).


Enron 900kW
Market study and conceptual design for European and export market. Design and type certification. Adaptation from 50Hz to 60Hz, US standards, extreme climate. Training of staff in China to support design activities.


Enron 750kW VE
Value engineering of turbine to achieve lower cost of energy, prototype erection and testing, certification. Fleet management for over 800 installed turbines in the US and Europe with outstanding availability.