Jupiter and Nextwind Partner

Nextwind and Jupiter Group have signed the first Letter of Intent for cooperation on the Gaia project.

The Gaia overcomes barriers to manufacturing, shipping, and maintaining Ultra-large turbines. The modular design minimizes warranty risk and cost. The advanced control systems reduce loads and provide the highest level of machine safety. Designed for offshore installation, the Gaia architecture finds the optimum point of power output to cost, achieving the lowest cost of energy.

Jupiter is the leading manufacturer globally of nacelles and spinners. With continental production facilities in Europe, USA and China and several other assembly sites, Jupiter has created a global presence. Jupiter continuously focuses on technical development, and are constantly striving to build better and more effective products. In the highly skilled and competent Technical Department, Jupiter’s engineers optimize parameters such as structural strength, weight reduction, fire resistance, traceability, compatibility, industrial repeatability, computer simulation, quality control, documentation and safety.

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